Client Testimonials

Having a reliable property management company deflects the stress and worry of owning properties.

Debby and Kent Rush

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I have known Rashin for several years, and have always been very impressed by her work ethic and commitment to excellence.

Naomi Scull

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White House Property Management has done an outstanding job managing the 19 units I own.

David Gibbs

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In the two years I have known Rashin, she has always been passionate about creating the highest quality property management business in Southern California.

Frances Driesbach

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Maintenance Services


Phoenix Development Inc. is a State of California licensed company (license number 911979) which caters mostly to property maintenance for property management companies.

The company’s main focus is providing really cost effective solutions to the idea of maintaining a rental property. In most cases a rental property does cash flow on its own income when it only pays for regular operational costs such as routine maintenance. But when major repairs are involved as a result of a tenant moving out, then The property becomes a financial burden for the owners.

Phoenix Development would become a healthy solution to the financial issues of the property. The pricing of the repairs are significantly lower than other companies and flexible payment plans (under special conditions) may become a very valuable asset.