Management Protocols

At White House Property Management our management protocols can contain up to six distinct steps based on your needs. In general, the flow will go as follows:

First we...

  • Determine your objectives and formulate a plan to achieve them.

Then we...

  • Collect your rents.
  • Handle slow payers and non-payers.
  • Issue 3 day and 30 day notices.
  • Supervise evictions and lockouts.
  • Handle tenant complaints.
  • Handle tenant conflicts.

When necessary we...

  • Handle emergency maintenance, including 24/7 emergency service.
  • Maintain tenant relations.
  • Inspect premises.

Increase your control by:

  • Having someone else handle the day-to-day problems and hassles of property management.
  • Having property management specialists available to make recommendations at your request.
  • Having timely, accurate, complete reports at your fingertips to facilitate analysis and tax preparations.
  • Having the objectivity of top down management.
  • Having the freedom to move and utilize your time to your best advantage.

When a tenant moves out, we...

  • Secure the property.
  • Summarize actions needed to bring the unit to rent-ready condition.
  • Itemize deductions from the security deposit.
  • Supervise the preparation of vacancy.

Then we...

  • Advertise for new tenants.
  • Show vacant units.
  • Interview prospective tenants.
  • Screen prospective tenants.
  • Collect security deposits.
  • Issue keys.

We also...

Pay all vendors, including monthly recurring bills, utilities, taxes, mortgages, etc. as determined by you, the property owner.

Every month we produce a complete, computerized reporting packet detailing all expense and income you KNOW where your money is being spent!

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