Property Management Services in Orange County, CA

At White House Property Management, our goal is to make owning investment rental property a worry free endeavor. We provide a full range of owner services, including:

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Leasing Service

Locating and placing the proper residents in your property in a timely manner requires a unique combination of experience and discipline. White House Property Management takes advantage of every means available to find the right resident quickly. Rented units mean more money for everyone!
Maintenance Service
Keeping units rented (and indeed renting them in the first place) requires a strict attention to maintenance. This includes fixing things that break or are damaged but also maintaining things so they don't break or become damaged. Our Orange CountyProperty Management company is fully committed to maintaining and preserving your investment. A well kept property means long term tenants, higher rents over all, and increased value for your investment.
Resident Relations
One of the primary obligations for landlords is dealing with resident issues. Some residents manage themselves while others require more attention... much more. At White House Property Management, our knowledge and experience in dealing with all types of residents means lower vacancy rates and fewer problems which of course translates to more money. All residents are treated with respect and fairness but NEVER at your expense. We understand being a good landlord requires all of the following:

  • Swift and effective rent collection procedures, up to and including necessary legal action.
  • Notification and follow-up to correct any violations from homeowners associations and municipalities.
  • Correspondence to residents concerning maintenance concerns, lease/rent issues, and neighborhood issues.
  • Handling of all complaints and inquiries from residents and neighbors.

Accounting & Reporting
Of course White House Property Management takes care of all of the dry and dull accounting and reporting that comes from operating a profitable investment property on your behalf. You tell us how and when you want your reports and we do it! Your job is to sit back and collect!
Inspection Service
Here at White House Property Management in Orange County, Cawe understand that regular inspection is needed to protect and grow the value of your investment property. Our inspection includes the following:

  • Regular inspections with written inspection reports furnished to our clients.
  • Strict oversight and enforcement of vendor recalls and administration of all warranties including home warranty policies.