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Below are some of the questions posed by current and potential investment property owners who are seeking a greater return on their investment. If your question isn't here, please call us toll free at 949-313-7899 or use our contact form to send us an email.

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General Questions

What do you mean when you say "Full Service Property Manager?"

White House Property Management handles all aspects of managing your property. This means that when there's a crisis we handle it-no matter what it is. We also do the little things like service your mortgage, deal with your HOA and process your mail.

What areas do you service?

White House Property Management Services all of Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

What other type of properties DON'T you manage?

We do not manage home owner associations, vacation rentals, mobile homes and in some circumstances condominiums. If in doubt ask for details.

My property has a pool. Is that a problem?

While pools have reputations of being high maintenance and low return items, if managed correctly they can add to the value of your investment. California state law requires that all pools have safety fences. In addition, we recommend that at minimum monthly pool service is provided to the residents.

Will I ever be contacted by Tenants, City, Neighbors, Homeowners Associates, etc.?

No. As a full service management firm, White House Property Management handles all communications concerning your property. In the event that someone "tracks you down" simply refer them to us and we'll take it from there.

As a client, If I ever have a problem or question, whom do I contact?

We oversee all the issues and activities in regards to your property. Whenever you have a question, you just email, call or fax and we will promptly respond.

Ok, I'm interested, what do I now?

For more information on our services or to schedule an appointment just give us a call toll free at 949-313-7899. We'll prepare a no obligation Management Agreement and can schedule a free appointment to view your property so that you can meet us face to face our first hand evaluation of your situation.

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Specific to Leasing Your Property

How quickly can lease my property ?

Many factors come into play including location, time of year, price, quality of the applications, and just being in the right place at the right time. Finding a tenant is easy but finding the right tenant is an exercise in persistence and sticking to sound principles.

How much will property rent for?

Often landlords will set rents depending on how much they need to cover their mortgage, on how much they want or on what they heard another home was getting. Using such methods almost always creates problems. Arriving at "just the right rent" (not too high, not too low ) is a complicated process that takes many factors into account. This is one of those areas where there is no substitute for experience!

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Relating to Fees & Funds

When will I receive my funds each month?

White House Property Management follows a traditional accounting cycle by collecting rents at the beginning of each month, which sometimes are not paid during the first few days. Then paying expenses during the fiscal month, and closing out and issuing reports and disbursements at the end of the month. It normally takes about 5 days to compile reports, make copies of any invoices/correspondence and disbursement checks. There is no mandatory hold period or required reserves. The checks to the owners usually are sent between 25th and the28th of each month.

What are your Fees?

White House Property Management's fee is typically a percentage of collected income dependent on the size and type of property. These fees cover every service we offer.

Can you tell me how much my property is worth?

Property Appreciation is a critical piece of your investment return and is too often overlooked. One of the services we provide is a comparative property valuation for our clients.

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Maintenance, Inspections & Insurance

How much maintenance should I expect on my property?

This is another one of those "it depends" questions with many factors coming into play. However, over the life of the property, maintenance costs should usually average between 8-12% of the rents. Obviously, newer properties with higher grade materials (block fences, tile roofs,etc) are going to have much lower maintenance cost while older homes’ cost may be higher. And of course, the quality of the tenant plays a major role in keeping cost down.

Will you get my approval before ordering maintenance work?

Our Maintenance Coordinator scrutinizes all maintenance requests and takes great care to minimize your costs. In the event where the cost of a repair is expected to exceed the stated limit (generally $1000) you will be contacted for your pre-approval.

Do you recommend a home warranty for my property?

Home warranties cover repair and /or replacement of major mechanical systems and appliances at your property for an annual premium ranging from $300-$400. This takes a lot of the unpredictability out of maintenance cost.

Do you do Interior Inspections? What does that accomplish?

The interior inspection is one of the most valuable services we offer. We do a formal and comprehensive interior inspection of every home we manage at least once annually. During this process our inspector checks to make sure that the residents are abiding by the lease and that there are no serious threats to the value of the property. He will check for such things as unauthorized pets & people, maintenance issues, and hazardous conditions.

How much insurance coverage do I need?

We require that our client have a minimum of $300,000 in property liability coverage. Anything less is just too risky.

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