White House Property Management Staff Biographies

Rashin Amini


A co-founder of White House Property Management, Rashin Amini is a recognized expert in the field. But unlike most in this challenging profession, Rashin goes well beyond the boundaries of managing and consulting. Drawing on a wealth of experience and expertise, she puts a special focus on improving the condition of properties, protecting assets, reducing liability, increasing return on investment, and ensuring properties conform to health codes.

Before launching White House Properties, Rashin owned and operated a variety of apartment buildings throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. She gained a firm foundation for her future endeavors by earning a Bachelors in Education from Mashad University in Iran, as well as an MBA from Chapman University.

As committed to her clients as she is to her profession, Rashin invests a considerable amount of time devising new ways to improve customer service.

Rashin is a dedicated cat lover who currently has one of the playful creatures residing in her home. She also enjoys gardening, as well as traveling throughout the world to experience a variety of cultures.

Her future plans include participating in organizations that assist abused women and children.

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Ali Amini


Like his wife, Rashin, co-founder Ali Amini takes property management one step further than the ordinary. Tapping into his vast expertise as a licensed general contractor, Ali provides complete assurance that all units overseen by White House are habitable dwellings strictly conforming to legal standards.

Before embarking on his noteworthy foray into property management, Ali was involved with the construction of multi-unit buildings. He pursued this endeavor between 2000-2009. Prior to that productive period, he carved out a successful career as a materials science engineer, earning his engineering degree from the University of Florida.

As dedicated to his community as he is to property management, Ali donates his time to worthy causes whenever possible. He has served as a coach for a kids' soccer team, and even taken his energy to the limit by participating in a fund-raising marathon for the American Heart Association.

When not helping clients achieve their goals, Ali spends quality time traveling, reading poetry, and bicycling along grueling mountain paths in Ladera Ranch and Mission Viejo.

Between work and play, Ali dreams of one day visiting Egypt, as well as the renowned temple of Machu Picchu in Peru.

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